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3.Offer volunteer and paid opportunities to young women, demonstrating the value of their experiences, and the joy of community participation.


You can join this initiative by signing up to be a Youth Benefactor!

Full Youth Benefactor: $150 - pays the full cost of hosting one young woman, and you also become a founding member of Inner Development Project (lifetime membership).

Partial Youth Benefactor: $75 – pays half the cost of hosting one young woman, and you also become a founding member of Inner Development Project (5 year membership).

Youth Supporter: <$75 – support the initiative and you also become a founding member of Inner Development Project (1 year membership). 

youth think tank initiative

We are excited to announce our Youth Think Tank Initiative! 

This is a paid opportunity for 17 young women ages 11-18, to give us their invaluable feedback on how to improve our programming - deepening our long-term impact, and advancing our mission.  

In honour of our values of youth positivity and anti-oppression, all donations go towards paying these youth a meaningful wage for their participation in the Think Tanks.

Our objectives are to:

1.Promote a supportive learning environment - both in participation in the Tanks, and as it translates into the evolution of our programming.

2.Inform/Improve services, to better connect with youth, and grow in our mission and values.

our work

Inner Development Project develops and facilitates workshops for youth on an outreach and no-cost to consumer basis.  Our current partners include Boys & Girls Club East Scarborough and Boys & Girls Club Albion Road, working with three young women's groups.


We are registering for non-profit status, refining our strategic plan, and seeking funding.  We aim for education partnerships with community groups and school boards in our catchment. 






young women's programming

curriculum design

community building

Our programming includes workshops on: Healthy Relationships, Self-Esteem, Body Image, Listening Skills, and Sexual Identity. All workshops include several activities and pose open-ended questions, allowing for every workshop to unfold organically and based on user experience.  Each workshop is an hour and a half to two hours.

*We believe anyone can benefit from participating in our workshops.  However, our current programming is designed for girls, women, and folks who are non-binary but identify with the lived experiences of women.


Our workshops are designed to assess the needs of the youth in our community.  Using patterns identified from each workshop, Inner Development Project designs curriculum to be used as part of existing programs in elementary, secondary and post-secondary schools.

Through membership, the organization aims to connect women to other women, who support each other through mentorship, and in various endeavours, such as social, entrepreneurial and cultural events.  For more details on how you can become a member, visit our membership page.