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Several years in the making, she founded Inner Development Project in 2016, based on the needs she assessed both in her work with young women, as well as her own lived experience of anxiety, unstable self-esteem, and internalized values of oppression.  Informing her practice are intersectional feminism, youth positivity, and anti-oppression.

Samantha is passionate about education as a powerful tool in activism, striving to be part of the change she hopes to see in society.


our founder

Samantha Viarruel (b. Scarborough, Ontario) is a front-line youth and women’s educator and counselor in Toronto, with a background primarily in sexual and reproductive health. She has experience working one-on-one, and as a workshop developer/facilitator with groups, both at home and in rural East Africa.

Samantha is multi-racial and identifies strongly with her Trinidadian heritage, visiting her father’s home country as often as possible.  Currently located in Toronto, she cherishes diversity and inclusivity.






who are we?

Inner Development Project is an outreach based non-profit organization aimed at the empowerment of young women, aged 11-18, through the use of interactive education on self-esteem and interpersonal skills.

We are operational and in the process of incorporating as a provincially registered non-profit.

To facilitate workshops that inspire young women to examine the values of society, define self, and lead healthy balanced lives.

Our identities, our terms.

Inner Development Project is informed by our diverse experiences, operating from an intersectional feminist and youth positive framework.

This simply means that we develop content with the belief that we as individuals experience simultaneous and intersecting privileges and oppressions in our society based on elements of our selves such as race, socioeconomic status and gender presentation.  

We also believe that young people have autonomy, and are capable of making sound and informed decisions for their own lives.



our mission

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